Eden West Ranch

5968 State Highway 69

Cotopaxi, Colorado 81223

(719) 942-3141


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Within an hour of Eden West Ranch, internet and cell phone service gets interrupted.  Please print off this page for reference or call us in advance to plan your route. 


PLEASE NOTE:  If traveling in a big rig (pulling a trailer, camper, RV) GPS takes you to the north entrance of the Ranch where the East-Side Gate (Red Letters) is posted.  Please do not enter here unless you are staying at the Ranch House.  Go to the main entrance, located about 1/4 mile south of the East-Side Gate.  Our bridge over Texas Creek is a tight crossing for big rigs and only stresses everyone watching.

From Canon City

Go west on Hwy 50, ~ 23 miles following alongside the Arkansas River.  Arriving at the community of Texas Creek, look for a street sign on the right-hand side of the road for Highway 69 to Hillside, Westcliffe, and Walsenburg.  Turn left onto Highway 69 and travel south about 6 miles.  The east-side Ranch gate is right after passing the Quonset Hut and Gulch Road.  This is the entrance to Ranch Road.  Keep going south, passing Mile Marker 77, the 9-acre hay meadow, and the Lodge.  Mailboxes, the main entrance gate, and Eden West sign are immediately after passing the Lodge.  Enter Here.


From Westcliffe

Drive north on Highway 69 ~ 16 miles. Pass the left-hand turn and sign to Cotopaxi 7 miles and straight ahead to Texas Creek, also 7 miles.  This junction is Fremont CR 1A to Cotopaxi.  Keep going south on Highway 69 approximately 1-1/2 miles.  The main gate to the Ranch is after a left-hand curve in the road, followed by a 35mph right hand-curve.  Rocky Point (red-rock formation) is at the apex of this curve to the right and above, and Texas Creek flows below. 





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